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Heat and Vacuum in One Easy Step for Debulking and
Curing Composite Parts
Single Setup Greatly Reduces Overall Time and Cost
Associated with Traditional Debulking and Autoclave
Reusable Vacuum Bag with an 800% Elongation Factor
Curing Temperatures up to 400ºF (204ºC)*

VT Vacuum Curing / De-bulking Table

  • Temperature Control
    • Dual display shows set-point and actual process temperature
    • Multiple ramp / soak steps option
    • Automatic tuning of PID parameters
    • Programmable to either ºC or ºF
    • Αudible alarm
    • Program security lock levels

    • Ηighly durable and uniform multi-stranded heating element
    • Heater break protection

    Vacuum System
    • 2-stage electric oil-less rocker piston vacuum pump

    • Choice of 3-phase 200, 208, 240, 277, or 480VAC
    • All systems are fuse protected

    • High tear strength, reversion resistant silicone rubber reusable vacuum bag with 800% elongation
    • Safety interlocked push buttons ensure both hands are on the operating console while the lid is in motion
    • Dual ball screw actuators for positive lid movement

  • Composite Repair
    Aviation Repair
    Wind Turbine blade repair
    Sporting goods
    Automotive Marine

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