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Perform Moisture Intrusion Testing on Elevators  and Other Aircraft Components.  The portable and easy heating solution for moisture intrusion testing Method B in Airbus Non-Destructive Elevator Test Manual 55-20-07, 55-20-08, 55-20-11.
A300-600, A320, A330/340 . For other Aircraft Contact us for a solution
Simple-to-operate pre-programmed temperature controller Dual 110/220 volt design - 
No transformer needed 
Heating blankets designed for the shape of your aircraft component 
Durable parallel wired heating elements
2 years warranty

Aircraft Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Kits

  • • Single plug-n-play connector from the blanket to the controller containing all power and sensor wiring
    • Τesting data is easily saved to a USB flash drive (included)
    • Easy to handle, wheeled transport and storage case
    • Heater blanket strain relief is built through the entire edge of the blanket for increased durability
    • Includes six 9” (229mm) non-slip holding clamps

    Heating Blankets
    • Sized to fit your specific aircraft elevator
    • No seams; all flexible heating blankets are of a one-piece construction • Dual voltage blankets; 110 or 220 volt
    • Power density: 1400 watts/m2 (0.9 watts/in2 )
    • Two J-type thermocouples built into each blanket (1 primary, 1 spare) • All power and sensor wires in a single connector (plug-n-play)
    • Heater blanket is very flexible and durable
    • Two-year warranty
    • Easy-to-transport storage containers included

  • Method B in Airbus Non-Destructive Elevator Test Manual 55-20-07, 55-20-08, 55-20-11
    ■ A300-600
    ■ A320
    ■ A330/340
    • Your aircraft not listed? We can develop a solution for you.

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