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Solvent Cleaner

Solvent based manual and immersion cleaner formulated to quickly remove tape and flux residues from electronic assemblies as well as uncured surface mount adhesives and raw solder pastes from stencils and misprinted circuits. This powerful cleaner eliminates white residue headaches typically caused by inefficient flux removal with isopropyl alcohol. Suitable for use in cleaning equipment designed for isopropyl alcohol.

AXAREL 2200 - Solvent Cleaner

  • Market Sector: 

    • Electronics


    Chemical Type:

    • Solvent


    • Immersion
    • Manual



    • Stencil Cleaning
    • Misprint Cleaning
    • Defluxing
    • IPA Replacement for Electronics Cleaning


    Substrate Type: 

    • Equipment
    • Misprints
    • Pallet
    • PCB
    • Stencil


    Soil Type:

    • Adhesives
    • Flux Residues
    • No Clean Flux Residues
    • Raw Solder Paste
    • RMA Flux Residues


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